Rope Maintenance On Friction Hoists

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 777, 1977

George Delorme, Assistant Manager, Mining Division, Wire Rope Industries Ltd., Pointe Claire, Quebec

The basic intention of this paper is to present, from a practical viewpoint, a thorough outline of all the sound and accepted principles connected with attaining satisfactory rope performance from multi-rope friction winders. In order to emphasize the importance of some aspects of rope maintenance, a limited amount of hoist rope theory has been included, as it is felt that without this, some of the more critical, but nevertheless practical, aspects would perhaps pass without full appreciation of their individual merit. It is very much appreciated that many of the maintenance topics and practices discussed herein are already being observed with a high degree of skill among those already involved in modern friction winding. The hope is expressed, however, that the paper will be of additional assistance, and of particular help in introducing sound maintenance principles to those who are moving into this field of operation for the first time.
Keywords: Maintenance, Rope maintenance, Friction hoists, Hoist ropes, Balance ropes, Guide ropes, Rope handling.