Rope Maintenance on Drum Hoists

CIM Bulletin, 1970

BURNS SUTHERLAND, Assistant Manager, Mining Division, Wire Rope Industries of Canada Ltd., Montreal, Que.

Although sorne mine hoisting systems incorporating steel wire ropes on drum hoists experience completely dependable performance on the hoist ropes for many years, other rope records illustrate an erratic behaviour pattern and, as such, become a source of concern to the operator. This paper describes the causes of the difficulties most commonly encountered and incorporates methods of providing preventative or corrective maintenance. When such a program is utilized wisely, within the allowable limits of shaft time available, it can be the means of avoiding many unforeseen circumstances and of reducing operating costs, as weil as rope costs, to a minimum.
Keywords: drums, hoist, lubrication, Rope Wear Occurring, Hoist rope, Hoist Ropes, Rope, Ropes, steel, Steels, wear