Rockburst research at Falconbridge Limited

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 924, 1989

D.M. Morrison, Falconbridge Limited

Microseismic systems at five mines in the Sudbury Basin provide the basic data for Falconbridge Limited's rockburst research. Daily and long-term analysis of this data as well as underground observations has confirmed the fault-slip mechanism of rockbursting at three mines. A detailed analysis of the complete history of Falconbridge Mine is being conducted and Distinct Element numerical models are being used to simulate both the stick-slip behaviour of faults and the dynamic effects of the induced vibrations on rock and backfill. University research includes acoustic tomographic imaging of the rock mass based on seismic wave propagation and collection of full micro-seismic waveforms to allow application of advanced seismic and statistical analysis techniques.
Keywords: Rockburst, Microseimic Systems, Research, Falconbridge Limited