Rock Mechanics Applied to the Extraction of Pillars at the Sullivan Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1968

M. J. ROYEA, Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer; K. G. DAVIES, Senior Mine Engineer, Sullivan Mine, Cominco Ltd., Kimberley, B.C.

A major program of pillar recovery at the Sullivan mine has been assisted for the past several years by a concerted series of rock mechanics investigations. The object of these investigations is to measure the parameters of rock behaviour which influence pillar mining. This quantitative information is then used in the design of mining methods appropriate for various conditions. Instrumentation to measure absolute rock stress, changes in rock stress and the gross deformation of rock masses has been developed. Various instruments are described, as are instrument evaluation procedures and typical test results. The data from underground measurement projects have been used to modify pillar extraction sequences along retreat fronts. Rock mechanics information from individual pillars has been incorporated into the design of mining methods to suit particular circumstances
Keywords: Mine, Overcoring, pillar, pillar, rock mechanics, strain gauge, stress, The Sullivan Mine, Pillars, Rock, rock mechanics, Rocks, stress, Sullivan Mine