Rock Drilling with Tungsten Carbide Bits

CIM Bulletin, 1950


Considerable test work has been done with the detachable type of carbide bit. In general, these bits improved drilling operations, but at a bit cost .greater than was compensated for by the reduction in man-hours of labour. Too few bits continued :in service for the possible drilling life of the carbide inserts, and technical improvements or lowered first cost, preferaib1y both, are indicated in order that the ;bits can be generally acceptable as an economical drilling tool. In preliminary test work, the drill rods .with one insert of the chisel-bit type appear to be more trouble-free, to have a longer life, and to give a somewhat lower bit cost per foot drilled, than other types.
Keywords: Airleg Combination Jackhammers, drill, hexagon, tungsten carbide, Bits, Cost, Costs, Drill, Drilling, Drills, steel, Steels, test, Tests