Roasting tn the Iron and Steel Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1961

ROASTING is usually thought of as a process in which finely crushed or ground ore is heated with air in a suitable furnace in which the ore is rabbled or agitated in such a way as to insure complete reaction between the oxygen of the air and the oxidisable constituents of the ore. Roasting in this sense is used only to a very limited extent in the iron and steel industry. This is because, in most iron ore deposits mined today, the ore is of a type that does not require roasting. Where this process is used, it is usually because of some special circumstance, such as a peculiar economic condition, that warrants it
Keywords: Air, blast furnace, carbon monoxide, pyrite, pyrrhotite, Sulphur in Charge, Iron, Ore, Ores, Oxide, pyrite, Roasting, sulphur