RH vacuum degassing — operating experience and refractory design

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 938, 1990

Bruce H. Baker, Armco Research & Technology, and Barry P. Schrader, Armco Steel Company, L.P. Middletown, Ohio

The importance of vacuum degassing units to steel companies when used to produce extra low carbon deep drawing steels for automotive customers (I-F steels) has been established. These units are now required to vacuum decarburize and homogenize the heat, as well as be a ladle metallurgy station with final additions of alloys being made to satisfy stringent metallurgical requirements. These activities place great strain upon refractory materials. Procedures have been developed in the Armco RH unit at Middletown, Ohio, to utilize inexpensive refractory materials and achieve low refractory costs.
Keywords: Refractory design, Metallurgy, Degassing, Vacuum degassing.