Review of the 2018 CIM Mineral Exploration Best Practices Guidelines


Reno Pressacco, RPA Inc.

The updates to the 2018 CIM Mineral Exploration Best Practices Guidelines (the Exploration Guidelines) have been adopted by the CIM council on November 23, 2018.  These updated Exploration Guidelines supersede the previous guidelines that were adopted in 2000. The updated 2018 Exploration Guidelines are prepared by the CIM Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Committee to assist professional geoscientists and engineers in the planning, supervision, and execution of mineral exploration programs.  While the document is intended as guidance for work conducted or supervised by geoscientists in Canada, many of the practices described can be adapted to mineral exploration programs in other countries.  They are relevant for programs where the results will be publicly disclosed in compliance with either National Instrument 43-101 or under laws including the Mining Acts of each of the Provinces and Territories within Canada. The 2018 Exploration Guidelines are also relevant where the results will not be publicly reported but are intended for internal company use. The 2018 Exploration Guidelines do not inhibit innovation, original thinking, or prevent the application of new approaches for the design and execution of mineral exploration programs. They include general guidelines for current professional practice as well as guidance to document and defend the merits of new exploration methods and technologies. The 2018 Exploration Guidelines provide general guidance for best practices in the following areas: Project Management Records and Documentation Geological Surveys Geophysical Surveys Geochemical Surveys Drilling Programs Sample Preparation, Analysis, Security, and QA/QC, and Reporting of Results from Mineral Exploration Programs
Keywords: Mineral Exploration Best Practices, Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Committee