Research & Manpower in the Mineral Industries

CIM Bulletin, 1971

P. M. DRANCHUK, Associate Professor, Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta

"PLANET EARTH seen from space appears as a fragile and limited Iife-supporting system in a vast emptiness. That such a view is, in fact, an accurate one is now more widely accepted than it was not long ago, before Earth's problems of over-population, overconsumption, limited resources and environmental degradation attained the limelight. The danger is that a government and public now deluged by doomsday prophecies and bemused by equally confident reiterations that technology will cure all may hesitate in coming to grips with the problem, in the hope that, given time, it will go away." With these words, Preston Cloud begins a recent editorial, in Science, in which he presents a brief resume of sorne of the findings of the Committee on Resources and Man of the National Academy of Science- National Research Council”
Keywords: Canada, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Mineral, National Academy of Science, University of Alberta, Engineering, Manpower, mineral, minerals, Petroleum, Research, Resources, Technology, Training