Research in Extraction Metallurgy

CIM Bulletin, 1963

In Canada, although some research on extraction metallurgy is carried out by the universities and by government, the 1nimary responsibility for the research necessary to the mining industry rests on the industry itself. Automation is coming more slowly to the mining industry than to others, partly because of the problems of instrumentation. Operations research methods are, however, coming into use. Some new developments in the extraction of aluminum, in iron and steel, in pyrometallurgy and in pressure leaching of nickel, copper, zinc and lead are briefly outlined. Mention is made of uranium and the reactive metals. The importance of the by-product metals, notably antimony, bismuth, gallium, germanium, indium and tellurium, in the development of the electronics industry is also mentioned. The trend toward co-operative research by groups of producers, to develop markets for their products, is noted. In conclusion, there are a greater number of trained scientists, as well as larger amounts of scientific knowledge, available to the mineral industry than ever before, and, if properly used, this will result in great benefits to the industry and to Canada.
Keywords: Aluminum, Canada, Kaiser Aluminum, metallurgical, operations research, Zinc Company, Development, Developments, metals, Process, Processes, Research, zinc