Research and Mineral Exploration

CIM Bulletin, 1967

J. M. Harrison D. R. E. Whitmore Dept. of Energy, Mines & Resources, Ottawa, Ont.

There are five logical stages in the search for ore bodies in virgin territory, namely: (1) reconnaissance inventory of geology, and related investigations; (2) development of broad concepts as a basis for selecting regions of potential mineral deposits; (3) assessment of criteria leading to specifie localities within these regions; (4) geophysical and geochemical studies that will delineate small anomalous a eras; and (5) stripping, drilling or other means of locating ore. In addition, the development of new means of extracting mineral resources and the finding of new uses play a vital role in our mineral industry. The continued growth of this industry will be largely governed by our ability to develop or to adapt new concepts and techniques, and to produce a greater number of scientists and engineers. It should always be remembered that more than one-third of Canada's exports are dependent upon our ability to find, develop and economically exploit new ore bodies.
Keywords: exploration, Mineral, ore genesis, Geological Sciences