Relationships Between Geology and Geophysical Parameters of a Magnetite Iron-Formation

CIM Bulletin, 1966

D. F. Sangster; P. J. Hood; G. A. Gross Geologists, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.

Some results are presented of an integrated geological and geophysical study of Precambrian magnetite-quartz iron-formation in the Kapiko Iron Range north of Nakina, Ontario. Detailed geological and topographical mapping was carried out in conjunction with detailed geophysical investigations such as vertical magnetic field, vertical magnetic gradient, hammer seismic, horizontal-loop electromagnetic and magnetic susceptibility surveys. ln addition, oriented drill cores were obtained for magnetic polarization studies.
Keywords: geology, Iron, magnetic susceptibility, magnetite, quartz, schist, seismic wave, Magnetite, Magnetization, Rock, Rocks, schist, Survey, Surveys