Rehabilitation of an underground ore storage bin at Myra Falls

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 88, No. 994, 1995

K. Reipas, Myra Falls Operations, Westmin Resources Limited Campbell River, British Columbia

Westmin Resources Ltd. operates the 3300 TPD H-W underground copper/zinc mine on Vancouver Island. Ore storage underground is handled in a 6000 tonne coarse ore bin and a 3000 tonne fine ore bin. Both of these bins have experienced significant wear since excavation and construction in 1985. Wear problems have included both deteriorating rock walls as well as worn out steel liners and concrete at the discharge points from the bins. Extensive rehabilitation work was completed in 1993. The basis of this paper is the rehabilitation work done on the coarse ore bin. The design and installation of ground control measures are discussed. The bin access methods used to allow the work to proceed quickly and safely are also presented. This involved the use of a Tekfoam safety bulkhead to protect workers.
Keywords: Ore handling systems, Storage bins, Tekfoam safety bulkheads, Underground mining.