Regional tectonic setting and chemistry of base metal deposits in the Eastern Townships, Quebec

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 946, 1991

Jacques Trottier, Ressources Minieres Coleraine, and Michel Gauthier, Universite du Quebec a Montreal

It is well known that the classification system of volcanogenic massive sulphides (VMS) is based upon their metal content. This metal content, the result of hydrothermal solutions circulating within strata underlying the deposits, is generally thought to be related directly to two parameters: (1) the nature of the underlying stratigraphic sequence; and (2) the physico-chemical conditions that existed at the time of the hydrothermal event. Furthermore, these two parameters are, in turn, related to the tectonic setting. One must bear in mind that these parameters are diachronous and evolve with time.
Keywords: Exploration, Base Metal deposits, Eastern Townships.