Reduction of Fine Iron Ores While Falling Through Hydrogen

CIM Bulletin, 1969

K. EL-GUINDI ; S. Y. EZZ, Department of Mining and Metallurgy, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Cairo, U.A.R.

A vertical tube, 8 rn long and 2.5 cm in diameter, electrically heated to 650°C throughout the majority of its height, was used to study the -effect of ore feed rate and hydrogen flow rate on the reduction of fine iron ore particles. A correlation could be obtained between the combined effect of the amount of reducing gas and reduction time and the per-cent reduction. The results suggest that a method based on the reduction of fine iron ores while falling through upstreaming hydrogen cannot be recommended for industrial application.
Keywords: blast furnace, Cairo University, chemical engineering, hydrogen, iron ore, iron ore, Iron ores, Ore, Ores, particles, Reduction, Tubes