Reduced wear on mine car wheels in the Kiruna Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 897, 1987

J. ERIC NYLUND, Nordic Mine Technology Inc., Pickering, Ontario

Intensive mechanization and automation in the LKAB, Kiruna Mine in Sweden have resulted in substantial rise in productivity and decrease in production cost. Capital investment in a modern mine today averages a considerable amount per miner and costs increase with requirements for more efficient methods and equipment. Equipment reliability becomes more and more important. Equipment maintenance requirements are directly proportional to equipment reliability and grade of availability. Weaknesses in the equipment result in unnecessary costs with regard to maintenance which can add up considerably per year, but of more importance are the costs caused by equipment breakdown. These breakdowns disturb or interrupt the production and often cause damage to other parts of the system. This paper discusses the important parameters involved in mine car wheel wear and the design principles of wheels, axle suspension and track.
Keywords: Underground mining, Mine equipment, Wear, Car design, Track design, Wheel design, Kiruna Mine, Maintenance, Cost