Recycling Copper Scrap At United States Metals Refining Company

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 784, 1977

M. G. Manzone, Laboratory Administrator, and W. R. Opie, President and Technical Director, AMAX Base Metals R & D, Inc., Carteret, New Jersey

Approximately two-thirds of the annual 210,000 tons of copper refined by AMAX Inc. at the United States Metals Refining Company in Carteret, New Jersey, comes from a wide variety of copper scrap ranging from low-grade smelter scrap to wirebar-grade material. The equipment and methods used to effect such large-scale metal recycling in an urban area and the measures taken to collect and recover metal values from smelter and refinery byproducts while protecting the environment from pollution are described and discussed.
Keywords: Metallurgy, Recycling, Scrap, Copper scrap, Refining, AMAX, Environmental control, Smelting, Cupolas, Converters, Slag cleaning.