Recovery of Barytes at Walton, N. S.

CIM Bulletin, 1952


B ARYTES was mined in Nova Scotia as early as 1874 from a deposit at Five Islands, on the north shore of Minas Basin. The first record of the presence of the mineral at the Walton site appears in a report by Selwyn in l 893, who states: "Barytes in considerable quantity occurs in veins in limestones at Walton and Pembroke". The exact site of the present workings was marked on a map published by Fletcher in 1905. The economic possibilities of this deposit, however, were not recognized until 1940, at which time we were at war with Germany, who up to that time had supplied 50 per cent of the world's requirements. At that time the Nova Scotia Department of Mines, recognizing the need for certain strategic minerals, induced Canadian Industrial Minerals, Limited, to send prospectors into 'the area to look for manganese. No manganese deposits were found, but a deposit of barytes was directed to their attention, and exploration and development work on the occurrence was proceeded with .
Keywords: Barytes, barytes, Carboniferous, gypsum, manganese, Minas Basin, conveyors, Deposits, mining, Ore, Ores