Reclamation of Coal Mine Wastes In New Brunswick

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 781, 1977

D. Abbott and G. B. Bacon, Research and Productivity Council, Fredericton, New Brunswick

The major factors limiting the establishing of vegetation on the shale and sandstone wastes at Minto are high exchange acidity and low pH (shale pH 4-5, sandstone pH <4). In the first revegetation program (1967-7It), 3.8 million trees were planted without grading on 4,000 acres (red, jack and scots pine and black lociist). White dutch and sweet clover, birds-foot trefoil and red top were established in selected areas, and ponds were stocked with brook trout. In the second phase of reclamation, beginning in 1979, a comprehensive plan will be initiated which will allow for forest production, wildlife development and recreational activities.
Keywords: Environmental control, Reclamation, Coal mining, Mine wastes, New Brunswick, Shale, Sandstone, Revegetation, Minto deposit.