Reclamation from Coal Mine Waste Dumps

CIM Bulletin, 1972

G. C. HAMBLETON, B.Sc., C.Eng., AMIMM, Managing Director, Birtley Engineering Limited, Barker Lane, Chesterfield, England. (Subsidiary of Great West Steel Industries Ltd., Canada)

The author has had wide experience in the reclamation of coal from coal mine waste dumps in the United Kingdom. The paper includes such topics as the processing decision and factors affecting processability; method of testing and appraisal; test data interpretation; historical influences in apppraisal; special contaminants and processing difficulties; methods of treatment; review of systems in use and their comparative economics; over-all system economics including excavation, handling methods, recovery system and shale disposal; effluent treatment; environmental considerations; alternatives to processing for coal recovery; light aggregate and cement usage; burned shale heaps; land reclamation; shale deposition for encouragement of vegetation by natural or artificial means; use of tailings fines; the environmental argument for action.
Keywords: Ash, Coal, coal mine, landscape architecture, National Coal Board, raw feed, specific gravity, Materials, Operation, Processing, Shale, Shales, Systems, Waste, Wastes