Recent Trends in the Use of Explosives in Mining

CIM Bulletin, 1964

M. D. Saunders Technical Service Manager, Explosives, Explosives and Ammunition Division, Canadian industries limited, Montreal, Quebec

This paper reviews t he most recent developments in t he use of explosives in t he mining . industry. Dealing first with the application of new and improved blasting techniques in coal mines, it goes on. to discuss the use of explosives in open pits and quarries and under ground mining operations. The successful use of AN FO blasting agents is stressed, methods of loading and detonating discussed, and t he new "Perimeter Blasting technique reviewed. The vital role of the explosives industry in Canadian mining developments is pointed out in the closing statement
Keywords: ammonium nitrate, blasting cap, explosives, fuel oil, open pits, AN/FO, blasting, Development, Developments, Explosives, Loading, mixture, Operation, Safety