Recent Progress in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Control

CIM Bulletin, 1970

ANDREW MATYAS, At time of writing - McGill University, Montreal, Que.

During the summer of 1968, the author was employed in the Research Department of Dominion Foundries and Steel, Limited, Hamilton, Ontario. Over the years, Dofasco has been conducting a program for developing more efficient control of its basic oxygen steelmaking process. The author was thus able to obtain a variety of viewpoints from both research engineers and furnace operators. He also had access to extensive literature dealing with BOF control schemes underway at other major steel producers. This paper describes the present state of developments in BOF steelmaking control. The necessity for efficient BOF control is pointed out. To appreciate the variables to be controlled, a brief outline of process fundamentals is included. Technical aspects of present methods of practical control are examined in detail; the relative merits of dynamic over static control models are emphasized. Finally, it is shown how an effective dy ... mic-optimizing control scheme serves as the basis for closed-loop computer control of the process.
Keywords: basic oxygen steelmaking, bath, Carbon, decarburization, slag, Carbon, Control, Controls, Heat, Oxygen, Process, Processes, steel, Temperature