Recent lmprovements in Gold Milling Operations Through Co-Operative Research & Development

CIM Bulletin, 1968

C. S. STEVENS, lndustry Liaison Officer, Extraction Metallurgy Division; W. A. GOW, Head, Hydrometallurgy Section, Extraction Metallurgy Division; Mines Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa.

In January of 1964, a group known as the Canadian Gold Metallurgists was formed with the backing of the managers of most Canadian gold mining operations. This organization is composed of about thirty mill superintendents of Canadian gold milling operations where the cyanidation process is in use, and one member from the staff of the Mines Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa. The aim of this group is to bring together gold mill operators, and research and development people from both industry and government for the purpose of discussing common metallurgical problems, and deciding on what operational R and D efforts can be made to help solve these problems. Since the conception of this organization, this approach taken by the gold industry to the study of metallurgical problems has resulted in benefits to all operators, both by assisting them with problems peculiar to their own individual operations and by providing developments of general interest to the industry. This paper describes events leading up to the formation of the Canadian Gold Metallurgists, and how the group has operated since its formation. Examples of progress made toward the group's objectives are given, and possible future programs are discussed.
Keywords: Canada, Canadian, cyanide, Department of Energy, Metallurgy, Canadian, Gold, Mill, Mills, Mine, Mines, Mines Branch