Recent electric furnace developments at Falconbridge (Sudbury Operations)

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 981, 1994

N. Stubina, J. Chao and C. Tan, Falconbridge Limited, Falconbridge, Ontario

Since J978, Falconbridge Limited has operated two electric furnaces at its nickel-copper smelter in Sudbury. As part of its S02 Abatement Program, the smelter has wu:iergone many changes over the last seven years. This paper describes the impact ofthese changes on the operation of the furnaces. Some ofthe topics to be covered include: the installation ofsidewall copper coolers; current operating conditions; and furnace heat and mass balances.
Keywords: Smeher operations, Falconbridge Limited, Copper coolers,Furnace heat, Mass balance.