Recent Developments in the Production of Steel Castings

CIM Bulletin, 1965

M. A. Notte Manager, Manufacturing Operations, Canadian Steel Foundries Ltd., Montreal, Que.

Sand casting of steel is a process that offers the greatest design flexibility and highest metallurgical versatility. However, competition from other methods of fabrication is quite keen, constantly forcing the steel casting industry to the production of better quality castings at lower costs. New methods and materials have been put to use in the last ten years by foundries everywhere. This paper, in the form of a progress report, deals with new methods, processes and materials used by Canadian steel foundries for regular production, as well as with developments still in the initial but promising stages.
Keywords: Canadian Steel Foundries Ltd., epoxy resins, foundry, Montreal, sodium silicate, Casting, Castings, CORE, Production, resin, resins, Sand, steel, Steels