Recent Developments in Drilling Mud

CIM Bulletin, 1959

Severe drilling conditions and difficult mud problems are briefly outlined as the major cost items in all production operations. The chief problems discussed are abnormal pressures, high temperature, troublesome shales, and low rates of penetration. These problems have been eliminated or greatly reduced in many areas by the proper application of recently developed drilling mud products and techniques. These severe problems and their solutions are discussed generally: the application of high-density weighting materials to overcome abnormal pressures; surfactant muds with sodium polyacrylate as a solution for deep and high-temperature drilling; shale control muds and new dispersants for severe shale problems; and low-solids emulsions and extreme-pressure lubricants for greatly improved rates of penetration.
Keywords: Drilling, drilling fluid, Drilling With Surfactant Muds, Effect of Oil Emulsion Muds, mud engineer, shale, Drilling fluids, Fluids, Materials, Oil, Oils, Shale, Shales, Surfactants, Wells