Re-Treatment of Corundum-Bearing Tailings at Craigmont

CIM Bulletin, 1946


THIS paper deals with the operations and plant of the Craigmont Corundum Project, formerly of Wartime Metals Corporation but now under the Mines Section of the Resources Development Branch of the Department of Reconstruction and Supply. Corundum is recovered by the re-treatment of an old tailing deposit at Craigmont, Ontario. Crude concentrates so produced are shipped to the plant of the American Abrasives Company, Inc., at Westfield, Mass., for final processing and distribution to the abrasive industry. The plant was recently described in a paper entitled Craigmont Corundum which was presented by the writer before the Chicago meeting of the A.I.M.E. in February, 1946.
Keywords: Canada, Craigmont, Ontario, Manufacturers Corundum Company, nepheline syenite, tailing, Concentrate, Concentrates, Corundum, Mill, Mills, Ore, Plants, Screens, tailings