Re-Grind Practice at Canadian Exploration Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1958


THIS PAPER describes the regrind section in the 2,000-ton per day, lead-zinc flotation mill of Canadian Exploration Limited, near Salmo, B.C. There are two regrind units in operation, one in the lead circuit, and one in the zinc circuit. ln each unit, the rougher concentrate is reground ahead of the cleaning circuit. These re-grind units have made valuable improvements in the concentrate grade, and wit no loss in recovery by over-grinding galena or sphalerite. Since the initial installation of this re-grind section, the plant throughput has been increased gradually from 1,600 tons to 2,000 tons per twenty-four hours, and, as shown by the screen analysis of mill tailing, a coarser overall grind has been accepted, from 55 per cent to 45 per cent minus 200 mesh. There has been no increase in grinding capacity, but two mills have been taken from the main grinding circuit and used for the re-grind circuit.
Keywords: calcite, galena, scavenger, sphalerite, Zinc Zinc Le, Cleaners, Concentrate, Concentrates, Lead, Mill, Mills, Roughers, zinc