Raise Boring at The International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, Ontario Division

CIM Bulletin, 1972

T. D. PARRIS, Assistant Manager of Mines, W. J. TAYLOR, Superintendent of Drilling, The International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, Copper Cliff, Ontario

Over 90,000 feet of raise have been bored at International Nickel underground mining operations throughout the Sudbury District since the advent of raise boring in the early part of July, 1964. With a total of 10 raise borers on hand at this time, techniques have improved steadily since introduction at INCO mines. The first unit, designed for use in rock of low compressive strength, had to be modified and redesigned to cope with Sudbury Area Precambrian rock. As equipment and boring techniques improved, a specially designed machine for larger holes was developed and is now in use. More powerful units, with a thrust capacity of up to 750,000 pounds, are under investigation. Raises have been bored up to 84-inch diameter, and the changeover to 5- and 6-foot flat reaming heads with improved cutter design has increased performance substantially. As a result, 5-foot-diameter raises have been completed to a length of 750 feet and 6- and 7-foot raises to over 500 feet.
Keywords: Copper Cliff, Inco, open-pit, raise borer, Sudbury Area, Cutter, Cutters, Drill, Drills, Equipment, Mine, Mines, Raises, Underground