Raise Boring - A Worldwide Endeavour

CIM Bulletin, 1972

JOHN G. AYTES, Special Representative, Mining Machinery Sales, Dresser Mining Services and Equipment Division, Dallas , Texas, U.S.A.

The following is a review of the advance of raise boring and its current position. The viewpoint presented is that the mining industry, through its worldwide acceptance of raise boring, has acknowledged the success of the method in general. Acceptance, however, does not imply complete satisfaction with either the equipment or current operating cost s. Therefore, a brief review of how boring costs are being r educed is presented, citing examples. Recent raise borer applications of special interest are presented t o show adaptability of current equipment, and some special projects in the planning stage are highlighted.
Keywords: Cost, Costs, Cutter, cutter, Dallas, Texas, Homestake Mining Company, pilot hole, raise borer, Cutters, Drill, Equipment, mining, Raise boring, Raises