Radioisotope X-Ray Fluorescence and Radiation Scatter Techniques in Mining and Metallurgy

CIM Bulletin, 1967

P. F. Berry
Atomic 'Energy of Canada Ltd.,
Commercial Products,
Ottawa, Ont.

X-ray fluorescence analytical techniques are fairly weil established in the mining and metallurgical industries. In recent years, instruments utilizing radioactive isotopes have been developed which, owing to their more compact size, greater reliability and independence of substantial power supplies, are often preferred to X-ray tube installations. Analyses can now readily be carried out in the field, on the factory floor and in otherwise difficult locations. This paper describes many examples of radioisotope X-ray fluorescence for the analysis of metallic minerais, finished metals and alloys and also for the continuous measurement of metallic coatings, such as tin and zinc, on steel. Radiation scatter techniques are also described for certain analyses and for thickness and density measurements.
Keywords: X-ray fluorescence, radioisotope, atomic number, beta particle, radiation