Radioisotope On-Stream Analysis

CIM Bulletin, 1973

W. J. HOWARTH, G. J. WENK and L. R. WILKINSON, The Australian Mineral Development Laboratories, Frewville, Adelaide, South Australia

Over a period of three years, a cooperative program in Australia has resulted in the development of radioisotope immersion probes for the on-stream analysis of mineral slurries. Two basic probe types are now available on a commercial basis - fluorescence and absorption probes - and within each type there are a number of variations so that optimum sensitivities can be obtained for elements with atomic number greater than titanium (22), thus covering most metals of interest to modern metallurgy.
Keywords: analysis, Assays, atomic number, gamma rays, mineral processing, radioisotope, X-ray fluorescence, copper, Lead, On-stream analysis, Plants, Radioisotopes, Systems