Radioisotope Gauging in the Mining lndustry

CIM Bulletin, 1964

Bruce W. Smith Prepared paper when with Canadian Curtiss-Wright Ltd., Oakville, Ontario; now with Electronic Associates Ltd., Toronto.

Non-contacting, radioisotope density and leve) gauges are discussed. The characteristics of the more commonly used isotopes, the techniques of detection and the methods of presenting information are reviewed. The gauge parameters of accuracy, response ti me and long-term stability are tabulated with reference to calibration techniques and operating requirements. Automatic control systems, both pneumatic and electrical, are used in conjunction with density gauges on filter feeds, and in thickener underflow and heavy media processes. These systems are described. Procedures for installation, start-up and operator training are outlined, along with considerations of preventative maintenance and service requirements. Typicai gange system costs, including capital expenditure, installation, start-up and service, are presented, wherever possible, in order to provide a basis of comparison with more conventional systems.
Keywords: cesium 137, cobalt 60, control system, gamma ray, Radioisotope Gattges, Control, Controls, Density, Electronics, Equipment, Process, Processes, Radiation, Systems