Rabbit Lake project — mining and development

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 932, 1989

G.W. Clark, Manager, Mine Development, Cameco

The mining of the ore bodies at Rabbit Lake has in the past been by the open pit method. This method is presently being used to develop the B-zone and will continue into the future with the development of two smaller ore bodies, the A-zone andD-zone. The Eagle Point orebody will be developed by an underground method which will provide production and employment into the next century. The ore bodies at B-zone, A-zone and D-zone are unique in that they are located under Wollaston Lake. To permit mining by the open pit method a steel-celled dyke has been con^ structed around the north end of the B-zone. This same dyking method will be used for the A-zone and D-zone.
Keywords: Rabbit Lake project, Mine development, Open pit mining, Dyking, Uranium.