Quick guides to the evaluation of orebodies

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 814, 1980

T. ALAN O'HARA, Manager, Development Group, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited, Anglo American Corporation of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Annual mining revenue can be computed by formulae relating metal prices, smelting schedules, concentrate grade and recovery to known ore grade and an assessment of core samples. Operating costs at different daily tonnages are related to orebody shape, mining method, milling process and general plant services. Capital costs are related to sizing of mining equipment, mine development, plant-site topography, climate and accessibility, plant services and personnel housing.
Keywords: Orebodies, Evaluation, Open-pit mines, Underground mines, Process plants, Capital costs, Operating costs, Revenues, Equipment, Storage, Transportation, Housing, Manpower, Cost formulae.