Quarrying and Sizing Limestone For Metallurgical Purposes at Irish Cove and ..... The Use of Sized Limestone in Steelmaking

CIM Bulletin, 1967

J. N. Gillis General Manager, Scatio Limestane Ltd•., Sydney, N.S. Divisional Superintendent, Steel Making, Dasco Steel 1Limited, Sydney, N.S.

This paper reviews t he basic reactions of the blast furnace and t he open hearth furnace, and t hen discusses t he quarrying and sizing requirements of t he limestone feed for each. Particular emphasis is placed on t he limestone at Irish Cove, now being mined under an agreement between Scotia Limestone Limited and Dosco Steel Limited. The drillin g and blasting operations a re described, a long with loading and haulage, plant flow, water supply, power supply and transportation facilities.