Pulp and Paper Process Minerals

CIM Bulletin, 1968

RAYMOND CHALK, Process Specialist, Sandwell & Company Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. ; GORDON R. HARRIS, Chief lnstructor, Forest Technologies, British Columbia lnstitute of Technology, Burnaby, B.C

Descriptions of typical pulp and paper manufacturing processes are presented, with particular emphasis on the use of minerals and derived products. Some consideration is given to the future demand for these minerals by the pulp and paper industry. Possible influences of technological change and social legislation are suggested and their effect on saltcake demand by the pulp industry is discussed. Predictions are made regarding trends for new and existing paper products.
Keywords: Additives, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, caustic soda, kraft process, sodium chlorate, titanium dioxide, Chemicals, Coatings, Mills, Process, Processes, Sheet, Treatment, Water, Waters