Prospecting by Use of Natural Alternating Magnetic Fields of Audio and Sub-Audio Frequencies

CIM Bulletin, 1958

An account of a new method of investigating the electrical .properties J the earth's crust is presented. The method, called AFMAG, employs, as a source, natural alternating magnetic fields of audio and sub-audio frequencies. Measurements of the distortion of these fields caused by geological features are made with the aid of search coil detectors at several discrete frequencies. Many results of field surveys made with the method are presented and they illustrate its advantages and limitations when applied to the search for massive sulphide mineralization. The advantages far outweigh the limitations and in fact indicate that a major breakthrough in geophysical exploration technique and instrumentation has been made
Keywords: audio frequency, azimuth, conductive, loop, pyrrhotite, Data, Electrical, Equipment, exploration, Frequency, Polarization, Profiles, Survey, Surveys