Prospecting and Developing Iron Ores

CIM Bulletin, 1955


THE WORLD-WIDE search for iron ore has been vastly accelerated during the past fifteen years .and Canada is playing a most prominent role in this prospecting boom. During this period, the search for .and development of iron ore deposits in Canada bas proven eminently successful and there is every indication that exploration will continue to be active for many years. This paper has been prepared primarily for the information of those who have bad little or no experience in iron ore exploration. For convenience, it is divided into three parts: ( 1) a brief discussion of the marketing of iron ores, with special reference to Canadian production; (2) a summary of the main features to be considered when prospecting for or evaluating a potential iron ore deposit; and (3) an outline of the methods and procedures used in the search for the direct-shipping iron ores in the Quebec Labrador iron ore field.
Keywords: Canada, geologist, Iron Ore Company of Canada, magnetite, prospector, Deposits, Iron, iron ore, Iron ores, Ore, Ores