Project Environmental Approval

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 798, 1978

B. R. Boardman, Senior Vice-President, Eastern Region, R. Fletcher, Vice-President, Environmental, and M. McCartney, Environmental Coordinator, Kilborn Limited, Toronto, Ont.

Project Environmental Approval is a multi-faceted issue. From a mining perspective, it is a costly item because of avoidable time delay. The government perspective is that the approvals are a necessary part of meeting departmental requirements to ensure that the well-being of other uses of the environment is maintained.This paper outlines some of the problems inherent in the environmental approvals process and makes recommendations to both the proponent and government about improving the efficiency of the process.
Keywords: Environmental control, Project approvals, Resource development, Design engineering, Mining claims, Construction, Permits, Approvals, Government agencies.