Progress Report on Establishing Longwall in Dominion No. 20 Colliery, Glace Retreating Bay

CIM Bulletin, 1961

TH E operation g ad vantages of the longw all retreating system of mining, as opposed to longwall advancing, have been well known for many years. Although retreat walls have been successfully worked in the past in some of the collieries of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation in f the Sydney, Pictou and Cumberland areas, the adoption of longwaIl retreating as the general system of mining has not been attractive in the Sydney field, due to the time and expenditures required to drive roadways to the boundary. In addition. difficulties in maintaining effective ventilation on the faces, especially under conditions of low barometer, have made the operators in the field hesitant to adopt this as the general system of mining.
Keywords: belt conveyor, chain conveyor, coal, lev, longwall, Coal, conveyors, mining, Operators, Production, Steels, Systems, Ventilation