Production of Porous Membranes for Batteries and Fuel Cells

CIM Bulletin, 1965

A. F. Kravic Development and Research Department, The International Nickel Company, lnc., New York, N.Y.

Carbonyl nickel powders of irregular particle shape and low apparent density are used extensively in the production of porous nickel electrodes for nickel-cadmium storage batteries and hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells employing alkaline electrolytes. Such porous nickel matrices are attractive for these intended applications as they are relatively inexpensive, are corrosion resistant, have good electrical conductivity, can be welded to form electrical contacts, have a long life (as demonstrated in alkaline storage batteries), and are rugged and vibration and shock resistant. This paper describes a feasibility study concerning the production of porous multi-layer nickel electrodes by the pressing and sintering of stacked layers of green-powder rolled nickel sheet.
Keywords: Density, Electrodes, Fuel cell, Fuel cells, fuel cells, porous, powder metallurgy, Pure Nickel Strip, sintering, nickel, Porosity, Pressing, Pressure, Production, Sintering