Production of High-Quality Electrorefined and Electrowon Copper At Inco's Copper Cliff Copper Refinery

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 784, 1977

A. S. Gendron, R. R. Matthews and W. C. Wilson, Inco Limited, Copper, Cliff, Ontario

A brief description of Inco's ORC copper refinery tank-house and the electrowinning tankhouse is followed by a comparison of the requirements for the production of the high-quality copper in both systems. The description will focus on both tankhouses, with emphasis on experience to date in the electrowinning tankhouse. Particular attention will be paid to sensitivities of each tankhouse to process upsets which can significantly affect the quality of the product cathodes.
Keywords: Hydrometallurgy, Copper refining, Electrowinning, Tankhouses, Cathodes, Inco, Ancode slimes, Cobalt, Corrosion rates, Titanium cathodes.