Producing Zirconium and Titanium in Germany

CIM Bulletin, 1946

The demand for pure zirconium and titanium metals in Germany increased considerably during the war. Pure zirconium was used in flash bulbs, in vacuum tubes, and in time fuses for bombs, where it has a decided advantage because it gives no gas in burning. Under the form of alloy, it was used with other rare elements for making substitutes for platinum; it was also used as a scavenging agent in high-grade steels. Metallic titanium was mainly used in connection with the manufacturing of special alloys . The authors were sent to Germany by the Department of Reconstruction and have investigated the German process developed for producing these rare metals. They describe the procedure and special equipment used for their commercial production in Germany during the war.
Keywords: Chloride, Chlorides, crucible, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, titanium, zirconium, Germany, metals, Potassium, Production, Reduction, titanium, Zirconium