Prevention of "Spontaneous Heating" by Low-Temperature Immersion Carbonization of Coal

CIM Bulletin, 1973

N. BERKOWITZ and J . G. SPEIGHT, Fuel Sciences Division, Research Council of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta

Laboratory studies indicate that autogenous heating of low-rank coal can be prevented by a prior treatment which involves immersing t he coal for short (5-15 min.) periods in an inert liquid at temperatures between ,..., 350° and 400°C. Such "carbonization" effectively reduces t he accessible pore volume of t he coal to levels at which heat generation through subsequent sorption of moisture and oxygen is too slow to cause significant temperature rises in a stockpile. In addition, t his treatment also irreversibly removes most of the moisture held in t he raw coal and raises its calorific value by as much as 10-12%.
Keywords: Alberta, autogenous, BTU, calorific value, carbonization, CIM Coal Division, Southern Alberta, Capacity, Coal, Heating, Moisture content, Oil, Research, Temperature