Presidential Address, M. S. N. S.

CIM Bulletin, 1955

FIRST OF ALL I should like to express to the members my sincere thanks for having had the privilege of serving them as President during the year now ending, to the Council for their guidance, and to the Secretary-Treasurer for his untiring efforts on both the Society's and my behalf during my year of office. During the .past five years the Canadian Coal picture has changed considerably. In the West, -production has been almost halved and many mines have heen closed, due to the development and expansion of oil and natural gas industries, whicl1, with some imported residual oil - on the Pacific coast - have provided competition which has been impossible to meet. The two major railway companies have embarked on an oil-burning and dieselization .programme and with this has .been lost one of the largest available markets for coal. Natural gas pipe-line installations still further threaten the remaining outlets for Western coal.
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