Present Trends in Oust Sampling and MAC Values in West Germany

CIM Bulletin, 1969

MARTIN LANDWEHR, formerly Technical Director, Silicosis Research lnst., Miners' Compensation Board of West Germany Translated by G. GRASSMUCK, Associate Professor, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Que.

Dust samplers are based on different principles. The konimeter is based on the number of particles counted; mining applications are based on routine sampling; and the photometrical evaluation of samples is used after the preseparation of particles above 5 micron by the mining konimeter. In special cases, the Draeger sampler is used for quantitative analysis. General trends are toward larger samples, concentration on a weight basis, fractionation into size groups by different techniques and an analysis of composition.
Keywords: coal mining, Dust and Silicosis Control Centre, quartz, sampler, Silicosis Research Institute, Dust, Filters, Konimeters, mineral, minerals, mining, Research, Value