Present Status of Canadian Energy

CIM Bulletin, 1959


THE last two years have been years of recession or, perhaps, years of marking time, depending upon whether the observer is a pessimist or an optimist. There bas been a slackening in the industrial tempo that has been reflected in many ways in the national economy. As one of the chief barometers of economic health, the consumption and supply of energy reflect this slowing up. These same two years have also seen significant changes in the relation between the sources of energy. In periods of declining demand, it has happened in the past that coal, as the basic or residual source of energy, has shown the effects to a greater extent than the other energies. In these two years, however, in addition to this usual effect, there bas been the acceleration in the Joss of market to diesels in the railway consumption category and the continuing decline in domestic consumption.
Keywords: BTU, Canadian, Coke Fuel, Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Energy Coal, Coal, Cokes, Consumption, energy, Fuel, Fuels, Production, Supply