Preparations for, and Early Action in, the Preservation of Life at the Time of a Mine Fire

CIM Bulletin, 1947


THIS paper consists of two main parts. The first, under the heading Preparations, deals with suggested preparations to be carried out in advance so that Joss of life might be prevented should a fire occur. The second part, under the heading Fire Procedure, deals with actual organized procedure to be followed for the preservation of life if and when a fire occurs. The writer realizes that these preparations and procedures may be to some extent applicable to only a few mines with a relatively simple vein system and that each mine would need to formulate a procedure to conform to its own particular conditions, scope, and degree of complexity.
Keywords: Air, Engineers, ethyl mercaptan, mechanical ventilation, mine fire, mine rescue, Ontario, Fans, Fires, Mine, Mines, Shafts, Underground, Ventilation