Preparation of Pure Zirconyl Compounds from Zircon Caustic Frit

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Hyung Sup Choi Director, Atomic Energy Research Institute, Seoul, Korea

The preparation of high-purity zirconyl compounds was studied in order to develop an economical process for obtaining pure zirconium via the caustic fritting of zircon sand. The direct dissolution of caustic frits with concentrated hydrochloric or nitric acid at so c, followed by the addition of a small amount of acidified gelatin, gave highpurity zirconyl chloride or nitrate. The addition of a small amount of gelatin caused a mutual flocculation between colloidal silica and gelatin. The precipitation of this silica floe markedly lowered the content of silica in the product.
Keywords: Acid, Additions, Caustic, Chloride, Chlorides, Elimination of Silica Sample, Fritting Reaction of Zircon Sand, hydrochloric, nitric acid, Impurities, Nitrates, Silica, Temperature, Zirconium